Keeping Pittsburgh Safe With Back-In Angle Parking

Why you need to back into those parking spaces on Smallman St

The City of Pittsburgh has designated a few places in the City with a new-for-Pittsburgh way to park: Back-in Angle Parking.

The most prominent location of Back-In Angle Parking is on Smallman Street in the Strip District, but you can also find it on River Ave in the Northside.

Back-In Angle Parking is just like parallel parking, but easier and safer!

Just as the name implies, you don’t drive forward into the space, rather you back into it. Simply signal, stop and back in. The best part is, when you pull out of a space, it’s much easier to see oncoming cars and bicyclists than if you were backing out of your space. 

Check out this video to see how Back-In Angle Parking can help keep you, and Pittsburgers safe!