Squirrel Hill East-West Connection, Schenley Park to Frick Park via Bartlett St

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AUG 25, 2021: After further analysis on the diversion approach presented at the last public meeting, DOMI agreed with resident feedback that it was best to focus on speed reduction and eliminating cut through behavior for the segment of Bartlett between Serpentine to Murdoch. With this in mind, the traffic team is looking into speed humps and other traffic calming measures. We will be updating the community on details and developments for this project via our email and Engage page. Please feel free to reach out with any other additional questions and concerns. We will be posting more FAQs shortly.

  • SURVEY – The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure is seeking advisory comments on preliminary designs for the Squirrel Hill East West Connector, specifically the Serpentine Dr intersection leading into Bartlett St & the proposed wayfinding. Traffic engineers have worked with the street’s existing conditions to create three alternatives which can maximize traffic calming and increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Leave feedback on the overall project at the City’s EngagePGH Page


The Project

Image shows a map of the proposed bike connections along Bartlett St, Beacon St, and Shaw Ave connecting to the existing bike lanes on Beechwood Blvd
Detail of the Bartlett/Shaw/Beacon intersection. See presentation for more information.

Squirrel Hill East-West Connection, Schenley Park to Frick Park, was formerly known as the Beacon St project. Due to resident feedback, DOMI has decided to explore the feasibility of using other streets such as Bartlett, in addition to reviewing Beacon, in order to make this needed connection.

The project is part of the overall Shadyside-Squirrel Hill network of projects, and seeks to add east-west bike facilities between Shady Ave and Schenley Park. The improvements have been identified in the City’s 2020 Bike(+) Plan

The project will improve the overall connectivity and clarity in the Squirrel Hill bicycle network, and make it easier for people riding bikes, driving, or walking to navigate the streets and around each other. There are a significant number of crashes and speeding in this corridor that the project aims to mitigate and improve for all users.

Additionally, the route will improve access to destinations such as Giant Eagle, Murray Ave business district, Taylor Allderdice High School, and ultimately the Beechwood Blvd bike lanes.

Through key improvements, based on engineering best practices and community feedback, DOMI hopes to achieve safer, more comfortable streets for all users.

The Move Forward PGH campaign would like to provide a correction to the recent mailer sent out to the community regarding the Squirrel Hill East-West Connector project on Bartlett St. The project will remove a small portion of parking on the most Eastern portion of Beacon St. It will not be removing any parking from the North-Western portion of Beacon St.  Our sincere apologies for this error and a generous thank you to the residents who brought this to our attention.

Image shows a cross section of the proposed Bartlett street with 8 feet of sidewalk space on each side, a 7 foot parking lane, a 10 foot travel lane with a sharrow, a 1 foot buffer, a 5 foot contra flow bike lane and a 7 foot parking lane

To make the East-West Connection, DOMI seeks to add a “contra-flow bike lane” along the length of Bartlett St, which is currently one-way westbound. People riding bicycles will be able to travel in both directions, while the existing conditions will remain for those driving cars. The connection will also include Shaw Ave and a small section of Beacon St in order to connect to the existing bike lanes on Beechwood Blvd. DOMI also plans to make intersection safety improvements at Wightman St, Beacon St and Shady Ave that will benefit all users of the roadway.

Please see the latest presentation for more details of the proposal as well as the Project Factsheet (search for project) on the City site.


What is MoveForwardPGH?

MoveForwardPGH is a collaborative program between the City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), Bike Pittsburgh, and Healthy Ride to help rapidly implement the new Bike(+) Plan, as well as market how less stressful roadways are beneficial for everyone, regardless of how they use our streets. See the https://wordpress-722047-2402996.cloudwaysapps.com/ website for more information.

Why this connection?

The recently adopted Bike(+) Plan calls to improve walking and cycling throughout the area and has identified a need for an east-west connection using Beacon St. While it’s not determined exactly which street will create the connection, this is a natural missing link in an overall safe bike network as it connects the neighborhood to other bike infrastructure on Wightman, Beacon, and Beechwood, as well as Frick and Schenley Parks.

Do you have (crash/traffic/background/other) data about this project?

We do our best to collect baseline data regarding projects as well as using the Department of City Planning’s Public Engagement Guide to help evaluate equitable, transparent and inclusive engagement. Please see the following links for more info.

Background Data

Public Engagement Guide

Project Factsheet (search for project)