BikePGH Resources

Since its founding, BikePGH has been creating resources for people. These helpful tools are meant to educate, guide, and inform those who are new to biking and to Pittsburgh or just want to have helpful tools to be a better bicyclist. Here are some of our resources:

  • Pittsburgh Bike Map – Since 2007, BikePGH has been producing both online and print  versions of the Pittsburgh Bike Map. The map is a time tested resource for helping bicyclists find the best routes around the city, with info on trails, hills, bike shops, transit, and more.
  • BikePGH Education Videos
  • BikePGH Crash Card – This wallet sized card is there to help you quickly identify the main laws around bicycling, and collect the important information in the unfortunate event of a crash
  • BikePGH Biking 101 Guide – BikePGH developed this guide as a fun-to-read way to learn the basics of riding around Pittsburgh. Filled with tips and trips, you’ll want to revisit this publication over and over.
  • Toolkit for Starting and Sustaining a Neighborhood Bike/Ped Committee – A BikePGH tool for grassroots organizing.
  • Advocacy Work – A big part of BikePGH’s mission is to push for creating safer streets for all, especially for those without a car. Through working with various stakeholders and grassroots organizing, we are changing streets and policies to make Pittsburgh a better place to live, work and play.
  • Civic Calendar – A concise place to find public meetings, bike/ped neighborhood meetings, and useful links to stay in the know.