Brighton Rd Bike lanes before and after MoveForwardPGH

The City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure recently completed the Brighton Rd Bike Lanes. The new lanes extend from the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) to California Ave, where they connect to the existing Brighton Rd bike lanes as well as new bike lanes on California Ave. Gaze upon these before/after shots of the incredible transformation of Brighton Rd!

New poll: Pittsburghers support complete streets, safe alternatives to driving as solution to traffic safety

New poll: Pittsburghers support complete streets, safe alternatives to driving as solution to traffic safety, better access to jobs — Voters overwhelmingly support the city’s efforts to expand bike+ped network, are ready for more transportation options and safer roads PITTSBURGH – According to a new poll, Pittsburgh voters overwhelmingly believe that more transportation options and safer, complete streets will bring …

Keeping Pittsburgh Safe With Back-In Angle Parking

Why you need to back into those parking spaces on Smallman St The City of Pittsburgh has designated a few places in the City with a new-for-Pittsburgh way to park: Back-in Angle Parking. The most prominent location of Back-In Angle Parking is on Smallman Street in the Strip District, but you can also find it on River Ave in the …

2020 MoveForwardPGH Year in Review

Positive progress in a difficult year Despite the global pandemic, the MoveForwardPGH team has been busy making sure residents can get safely around their City. The pandemic highlighted the need for safe outdoor activities, as well as a reevaluation of how a city, where 25% of households don’t own a car, can still get to the places they need to …

Sept. 30: Learn about Neighborways at a Virtual Summit

Muriel St, part of the South Side Neighborway

Join the City’s DOMI to learn about their newest street type, the Neighborway UPDATE: The first Neighborway Summit was a success! Check out the video below to find watch the Summit and learn about Neighborways. Click here to see the presentation. The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) is hosting a virtual Neighborways Summit on Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 at …

Results of N Euclid Neighborway Pilot Project

Map showing the project extents from Bunker Street to Station Street as well as the location of traffic circles and other nearby bike routes, for more information please see the full project page linked at the end of this page.

As part of the N Euclid Neighborway Project, DOMI ran a pilot of the Neighborhood Traffic Circles at four intersections along the corridor. The pilot has been up for a month, and during that time, DOMI collected data, interviewed stakeholders and neighbors, and took video footage to analyze the effect of the intervention. These results below were originally presented on …

Bump Outs: A primer for roadway safety

The City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) has been installing Curb Extensions and/or “Bump Outs” to help add clarity to streets and to provide added safety for pedestrians at key locations. Bump outs are one tool that traffic engineers can use to “calm traffic” and increase safety along a corridor.

City introduces new ‘Neighborways’ street type in the South Side

Muriel St, part of the South Side Neighborway

You may have noticed some new signs and speed humps in the South Side. This is the City’s first “Neighborway,” a new street type in the City of Pittsburgh. Neighborways are a new tool that the City is using in order to build out a connected citywide bike network, something that is getting increasingly more difficult as the wider streets got outfitted with bike lanes, leaving the narrower residential streets to fill the gaps.