East Liberty Blvd Bike Lanes and FAQs

Latest Updates

East Liberty Blvd Bike Lane Upgrade project: Paused, Designs being updated

After hearing the concerns from residents and community organizations regarding impacts to parking and additional safety concerns for other modes of transportation on the corridor (transit and pedestrian access, engaging with vehicles, etc.), the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) paused the East Liberty Blvd project. The department is now developing new designs that reflects the needs expressed by the community, the focus will now be on improving intersection safety only. As soon as the designs are available, DOMI will schedule another public meeting, share all available content with neighborhood organizations, and reach out to the community to gather feedback on the new designs. 

Project Description

East Liberty Blvd Project

Image is a map of the project limits along East Liberty Blvd, between Negley Ave and Penn Ave

The East Liberty Blvd bike lanes significantly reduced the severity of all crashes since their installation in October 2008. The bike lanes quickly became an important part of the City of Pittsburgh’s bike network. However, inconsistent parking demand and lack of bike lane protection can leave people on bikes exposed to dangerous, high-speed motor vehicle traffic. There have been 83 crashes on this route in the past 5 years, according to PennDOT, many of which have been attributed to aggressive driving.

Image shows a diagram of the proposed cross section showing sidewalk, bike lane, painted buffer, car lane, median, car lane, painted buffer, bike lane, sidewalk

The East Liberty Blvd bike lane upgrades will protect cyclists by taking this existing facility and upgrading it to the standard of All Ages and Abilities, and leave the motor vehicle travel lanes unchanged. The sections of the under-used parking created in 2008 during the installation of the original bike facilities will be removed and replaced with a combination of painted buffers as well as strategically placed physical protection that will help keep bicyclists safe from high speed motor vehicle traffic, while also calming motorist traffic by narrowing the roadway.

Additionally, this project will connect to existing amenities (i.e. Mellon Park, Obama Academy, Kingsley Association., etc) as well as provide other safety improvements in the immediate area that will help create a broad network of traffic calmed roads. First, DOMI is creating a Neighborway on N Euclid Avenue (link) that will connect to the Bryant Street business district and to the Highland Park Reservoir. Second, the URA is currently planning to convert the remaining section of Penn Circle to accommodate two-way traffic. That project will include bicycle facilities and an upgraded pedestrian environment.


Why East Liberty Blvd?

We have been impressed with the success of the 2008 East Liberty Bike Lane project in providing transportation options and improving safety, but we feel that with some changes, it could be even better and serve more people, while making it safer for everyone who uses the road, whether you are riding a bike, walking, taking the bus, using an assistive device, or driving. East Liberty Blvd is also a key link in connecting to other places along the route, such as: Mellon Park, schools, churches, community centers, job opportunities, and safety improvements on Negley Run Blvd, N Euclid Ave, and the future Penn Circle two-way conversion. 

What is the timeline of the project?

We anticipate that the project will go into construction by the end of summer 2020.

How will the project affect parking?

For the East Liberty Blvd Project, we will most likely be removing much of the very underutilized and unused parking. We have been actively engaging with churches, residencies, and others to ensure that the project meets their parking needs. 

Will the project be ADA compliant?

Much of the East Liberty Blvd project will be upgraded to include a painted buffer to better separate people on bikes from cars, and still allow buses to pull completely to the curb at every bus stop. The proposed sections of physical protection will not be near bus stops and are intended to keep drivers out of the bike lane and key locations that we’ve identified as problem spots.

How will the project affect buses?

The project will not affect any current Port Authority operations.

What is MoveForwardPGH?

MoveForwardPGH is a collaborative program between the City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), Bike Pittsburgh, and Healthy Ride to help rapidly implement the new Bike(+) Plan, as well as market how less stressful roadways are beneficial for everyone, regardless of how they use our streets. See the https://wordpress-722047-2402996.cloudwaysapps.com/ website for more information.

Additionally you can email any feedback or questions to: moveforwardpgh@gmail.com