Upcoming Meetings

  • NORTHSIDE PROJECT CLUSTER – November 18, 2020: Please join the City at 6PM for the upcoming Greening America’s Communities – Manchester Chateau meeting.

    This first project in the implementation of the Manchester-Chateau Neighborhood Plan, adopted in September 2019, calls for improvements to the State Route 65 underpass and the creation of “green corridors” to provide safe and environmentally-friendly connections between Manchester, Chateau and the riverfront. This first phase of this project, conceptual design, is being funded through a technical assistance grant from the Environmental Protection Agency. One goal of these workshops is to develop standards that can be applied throughout the Manchester and Chateau along other streets in the future.

    The meeting will be on Facebook Live on Manchester’s page:

  • NORTHSIDE PROJECT CLUSTER – December 1, 2020: Join the Northside Walk/Ride Monthly Meeting, 6pm. DOMI team will be going over project with the Northside Leadership Conference’s Bike/Ped Committee.

Past Meetings

To view presentations and videos of past meetings, please go to the individual project pages