Northside Network Phase 2

Holistic approach to neighborhood connectivity



The Project

The Northside Network Phase 2 projects involve a series of streets that could see a number of improvements that will create less stressful biking and walking connectivity within and through the neighborhoods. This suite of projects are the second phase of Northside safety projects.

While the Northside has numerous streets with bike infrastructure, there still remains significant gaps in making for a complete network.


Initial improvements that DOMI is looking at include:

Presentation and background data

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This network of streets will provide better access to: multiple neighborhoods; the Chateau Trail, important corridors for accessing Downtown Pittsburgh and North Shore amenities; Central Northside and CCAC; bicycling infrastructure on Brighton Rd and improved access to Riverview Park and Brighton Heights.

Through key improvements, DOMI hopes to achieve safer, more comfortable streets for all users. Improvements, depending on context and community input, could include such techniques as new road markings and crosswalks, Neighborways, bike lanes, or other traffic calming features.

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FAQs about the projects

What is MoveForwardPGH?

MoveForwardPGH is a collaborative program between the City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), Bike Pittsburgh, and Healthy Ride to help rapidly implement the new Bike(+) Plan, as well as market how less stressful roadways are beneficial for everyone, regardless of how they use our streets. See the website for more information.

Why this cluster of streets?

The street identified in this second phase of Northside projects are critical in creating a clearly connected, safe way for residents to get around the Northside by bike. This is important for the city to reach safety and climate goals, as well as helping keep Pittsburgh affordable.

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