Negley Run Blvd Bike Lanes and FAQs

Latest Updates

Due to the contractor availability, current workload, and looming colder temperatures, the Negley Run Bike Lane Upgrades will now be implemented come Spring 2021. In advance of construction, a press release with more detailed information including potential impacts and start dates will be issued from the City of Pittsburgh.
  • Construction of the Negley Run Bike Lane Upgrades are set to begin on Thursday, April 29 2021, weather depending
  • Postcards sent to addresses within project scope
  • Tuesday, July 28, DOMI hosted a virtual public meeting. Here is the VIDEO and Presentation Slides
  • Ongoing: Meeting with neighborhood stakeholders
  • Project Factsheets: See the DOMI Projects website and search for the project
  • Project Background and Data
  • City of Pittsburgh Engage Page:

Project Description

Negley Run Blvd Project

The Negley Run Blvd bike lanes were originally installed in 2014. However a lack of bike lane protection still leaves people on bikes exposed to dangerous, high-speed motor vehicle traffic. There have been 64 crashes on this route in the past 5 years, according to PennDOT, several of which have been attributed to aggressive driving and included a bicyclist.

The Negley Run Blvd bike lanes will be upgraded to the standard of All Ages and Abilities to help better protect people on bikes, while keeping the vehicular travel lanes essentially the same as they are today. A physically protected two-way cycle track on the outbound travel lane (toward Washington Blvd) will be added. These upgrades keep people on bikes safe and separated from high speed motor vehicle traffic. The proposed cycle track would directly link to the new Washington Blvd Trail and provide safer connectivity from the East Liberty Blvd bike lanes to Highland Park and the Bud Harris Cycling Track via the Washington Blvd Trail. 


Why Negley Run Blvd?

While the bike lanes on Negley Run Blvd have helped, with some added protection, we can make this facility available to even more people. There is a new Washington Blvd Trail that will connect into the Highland Park trail system and the Bud Harris Cycling Oval.

What is the timeline of the project?

We anticipate that the project will go into construction by the end of summer 2020.

How will the project affect parking?

The Negley Run Blvd project will not affect any parking.

Will the project be ADA compliant?

There will be no accessibility issues on Negley Run Blvd, and we will be improving the crosswalks as part of the overall project.

How will the project affect buses?

The project(s) will not affect any current Port Authority operations.

What is MoveForwardPGH?

MoveForwardPGH is a collaborative program between the City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), Bike Pittsburgh, and Healthy Ride to help rapidly implement the new Bike(+) Plan, as well as market how less stressful roadways are beneficial for everyone, regardless of how they use our streets. See the website for more information.

Additionally you can email any feedback or questions to: