Pittsburgh Bike(+) Plan

Pittsburgh Bike(+) Plan

The Pittsburgh Bike(+) Plan plan lays out a vision for a safe and connected network of on-street and off-street facilities that will enable people of all ages and abilities to travel by bicycle and other small mobility modes to access the needs of daily life including grocery stores, parks, schools and places of employment.

The ten-year plan aims to increase safety and access, expand affordable travel choices, and provide attractive alternatives for short-distance vehicle travel to reduce traffic congestion and associated emissions.


Branded the Bike “Plus” Plan, the strategy is not only proactive with regard to emerging forms of mobility such as pedal-assist electric bicycles, motorized scooter and skateboards and other individual mobility modes that may emerge over the next decade; but is additive beyond mere mobility.

“The Bike(+) Plan is safety, plus access, plus sustainability, plus joyful travel. It is another building block in strengthening an inclusive, vibrant, resilient city providing travel options that accommodate and respect the great diversity and needs of our people.”- Mayor William Peduto

The plan is a critical step in meeting city climate goals to reduce transportation-related emissions 50% by 2030 while at the same time expanding affordable access to jobs and destinations.