Results of N Euclid Neighborway Pilot Project

Map showing the project extents from Bunker Street to Station Street as well as the location of traffic circles and other nearby bike routes, for more information please see the full project page linked at the end of this page.

As part of the N Euclid Neighborway Project, DOMI ran a pilot of the Neighborhood Traffic Circles at four intersections along the corridor. The pilot has been up for a month, and during that time, DOMI collected data, interviewed stakeholders and neighbors, and took video footage to analyze the effect of the intervention.

These results below were originally presented on July 30 at the second N Euclid Neighborway Public Meeting (Video) and (Presentation).

Miovision Camera and Speed Data collected between July 9 and July 21

DOMI installed a Miovision Camera at Euclid & Callowhill since buses use this intersection. The devise recorded before and after the splitter island was installed. The focus of recording includes: Use of the traffic circle; Type of vehicle making incorrect turns; Time stamps of near misses or concerning behavior; Outreach and education; Pedestrian and bicyclists; Large vehicle behavior.

Found: 1,208 vehicles, with 22 (2%) using the intersection improperly, with 3 “near miss” incidents with no crashes.

Pie chart shows number and type of vehicles at the intersection of N Euclid and Callowhill. 1208 total vehicles. 70% personal cars, 4% work vehicles, 16% pedestrians, 3% bicyclists, 5% buses, 1% large trucks and 0.2% emergency vehicles

Speed Data: Euclid at Callowhill showed average speeds of 19 mph. The vast majority travelled through below the speed limit. Euclid at Paca Way showed average speeds of 21 mph. Once all seven traffic circles are installed, there is expected to be a network effect of slower speeds along the full corridor.

Field Visits, Survey and Neighborhood Interviews

image shows a firetruck and an articulated port authority bus successfully navigating the traffic circle
During the field visits, both a firetruck and a Port Authority articulated bus were able to successfully navigate around the Neighborhood Traffic Circle

Survey: During the Pilot, DOMI launched a survey to collect info from residents. Between April 17 and July 30, a total of 161 people responded to the survey, with 83 Positive, 55 Negative, and 23 Indifferent responses.

7/10 – Pittsburgh Department of Public Works Snow Plows

  • DOMI met with snow plow operators to discuss and test the Neighbrohood Traffic Circles with a truck.

7/17 – Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire and DOMI Field Visit

  • DOMI met with Fire Chief Darryl Jones to test fire trucks. Each traffic circles was tested from various angles
  • Fire truck was able to navigate all movements.
  • Permanent designs may be modified slightly at smaller intersections.
  • Parking within the intersections will be marked as no-parking.

7/17 – Neighborhood Walk with Neighbors and Councilwoman Gross

  • Led by Director of DOMI Karina Ricks and city staff, and attended by Councilwoman Deb Gross, members of the Highland Park Community group, and other residents. A call in number was also provided to listen in.
  • Items discussed: Safety – why this form of traffic calming; Turn radii tests; Enforcement; Education; Beautification

7/21 – Pittsburgh Public School and DOMI Euclid Pilot Field Visit

  • PPS brought their largest vehicle in their fleet to test. Each traffic circles was tested from various angles.
  • Results: PPS comfortable with turns and recommending alternate routes to other school systems to reduce left turns in general. Also requested enforcement to keep site lines clear.

7/27 – ADA Focus Group

  • 4 attended – 3 onsite, 1 via remote call in and joined by the City’s Principal planner and engineer.
  • Additionally, the Video was sent to City County Task Force on Disabilities for additional review.
  • Items discussed: Traffic flow interruption and infrastructure changes; Education and outreach on engaging with traffic circle; Inclusion of marked crosswalks; Signage height and wayfinding clarity; Buses turning closer to curb ramps; Additional enforcement.

7/28 – Port Authority and DOMI Euclid Pilot Field Visit

  • Articulated buses were able to navigate the intersection.