Win prizes on the South Side Neighborway Scavenger Hunt

Check out the South Side Neighborway between October 1st – 15th

South Side Smart Streets, the neighborhood’s bike/ped committee, is hosting a scavenger hunt on DOMI’s recently completed Neighborway along Sidney/Wharton/Muriel.

Here’s how it works. There are ten clues, listed above, all found along the Neighborway. Take a photo at each stop, submit to and you’ll be entered to win great prizes, such as gift cards from Thick Bikes, OTB Bicycle Cafe, Rugger’s Pub, and free Healthy Ride bike share passes.

Check out the event of Facebook.

There’s more

While you’ve got Neighborways on the mind, be sure to check out DOMI’s informational online Neighborway Summit on Wednesday, September 30.