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We’re looking for Pittsburgh organizations to sign on as a Supporter of the MoveForwardPGH’s goals of rapidly implementing the Bike(+) Plan so that Pittsburgh’s streets are safe for “all ages and abilities” and to ensure access to the needs vital for our residents to thrive, foster equitable access to opportunity and jobs, reduce transportation costs, reduce pollution, enhance health, and add joy to our city.

If you are interested in becoming a Supporter of the MoveForwardPGH initiative, click here for more details.

Current Supporters:

Outreach information

Healthy Ride is partnering with the City of Pittsburgh and BikePGH on an outreach strategy to inform the communities about infrastructure improvements across Pittsburgh. With Covid-19, virtual engagement is crucial. This includes being part of existing online community meetings, and organizing stand alone meetings when necessary. Sending mailers to the neighborhoods where projects are taking place, creating videos to educate the communities about these new changes, and a volunteer program that aims to recruit strong voices in the neighborhoods who can influence their community and raise awareness about the benefits of The Bike(+) Plan’s proposed network.

Ambassador Program

Healthy Ride Community Ambassadors are some of the most recognizable faces of bike share here in Pittsburgh. They are leaders in their communities and have helped develop meaningful relationships in neighborhoods throughout the city in the past. Our third class of Community Ambassadors will  help promote Moving Forward this year. Initially, with online engagement, and hopefully with bike rides and other events when permitted.

Get involved! 

Volunteer as a Virtual Street Team member to help spread the word about projects in your community. Email for more information.