Thurs. April 1: Perrysville Improvements Public Meeting

Safe Access to Riverview Park

The Perrysville Ave improvements are part of the overall Northside network of projects, and seeks to add bike facilities on Perrysville Ave, between Charles St and Mairdale Ave. The improvements have been identified in the City’s 2020 Bike(+) Plan as well as the Manchester Chateau Neighborhood Plan.

The project will improve the overall connectivity and clarity in the bicycle network connecting to Riverview Park, and make it easier for people riding bikes, driving, or walking to navigate the streets and around each other. Perrysville is a popular bike route, yet many hazards still exist. Over the past five years, there have been a significant number of crashes on this stretch of road that the project aims to mitigate and improve for all users.

Through key improvements, based on engineering best practices and community feedback, DOMI hopes to achieve safer, more comfortable streets for all users.

Please join us for the following virtual public meetings to learn more about this project. The meetings will provide several opportunities to share your feedback and ask questions.

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